4 Ways to extend the battery life of Your Electric Scooter

4 Ways to extend the battery life of Your Electric Scooter

Electric foldable scooters are getting a lot of attention for their easy-to-fold, easy-to-travel and low-carbon lifestyle properties, and the market has been booming. However, there are so many brands of scooters, and the quality varies widely. To choose a reliable electric scooter, it is very important to choose a suitable battery. Because it determines the EV’s charging time, range, number of charges, battery capacity, life expectancy, and a whole range of other things you might want to consider. What should we consider when purchasing electric scooters?

the battery life of Electric Scooter

What kind of batteries do you use for your electric car?

  • Lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries are the main types of batteries currently on the market.
  • among them: The 18650 battery pack, which is used by the Tesla Motors, is a more upscale battery.
  • lead-acid batteries are the worst and the least safe.
  • followed by Ordinary lithium-ion batteries.

In general, some well-known brands of scooters for safety considerations will mostly use lithium batteries. In 2015, most of the accidents we saw from the news were caused by faulty batteries.

How can we extend battery life?

Charge in time
The batteries of electric scooters undergo an obvious vulcanization reaction after 12 hours of use. The phenomenon can be eliminated by timely charging, if not, the vulcanized crystal will accumulate and gradually get so thick that the battery life of the electric scooter will be affected as well as a decline in battery’s capacity, thus affecting the electric scooter journey experience. So, in addition to charging regularly, make sure to charge as soon as you can after the battery is used up, so that the battery stays healthy.

Protect the charger
Many Electric Scooter riders focus on the battery, but ignore the charger, which is fine if it doesn’t need to charge. Electronics generally age after a few years of use, and chargers are no exception. If you have a problem with your charger, it could leave your scooter battery undercharged or bulging. This, of course, also affects battery life.

Choose your charger carefully
Manufacturers of electric scooters typically have a customized specification for chargers, so don’t replace them with another when you don’t know what model it is.

Carry out 3 ~ 5 times full charge and discharge first times you use it.
Generally speaking, it is confirmed that the battery needs to be activated, but this is not the user’s job. The lithium-ion battery is activated before it leaves the factory. However, due to the time difference in transportation or other reasons, sometimes, when the battery gets to the user’s hands it has already been 1-6 months since it left the factory. Because the electrode material of the battery might be passivated, therefore, it is recommended that the first-use battery be fully charged and then discharged 3 ~ 5 times in order to eliminate the passivation of electrode materials and achieve the maximum capacity.